Hello ! I am Jean Charlery and I started developing Fairstone Legacy a year ago. this is an independent game that I carry alone for the moment. Independence means that the project is not financially supported by an editor. As a result, this game has more liberty to become what it should be.


I need an extra year to complete the project, and your support would be of great help! If you are interested in the game, feel free to share and liking the facebook page. A crowdfunding campaign is also underway until February 14 on Kickstarter: support the project and access to

  • - the original soundtrack
  • - la beta version
  • - the CD version
  • - participate in the development
  • - or even design a character!


The main features remaining to be added in the game are:

  • - Compute the quests module (integration of the story to the game)
  • - Compute the artificial intelligence of enemies
  • - Set the character class system
  • - Integrate special places such as dungeons and towns
  • - Draw and animate the characters, plants, objects, etc...
  • - Compose and record music to support the immersion of the player.


Thanks to Hélène.

Thanks to Julie for the English translation of the Kickstarter page.

Thanks to Kenney, 7soul1 and Ails for some graphical assets.

Thanks Jean-Paul Dub for the gameplay trailer music ("Bela is alive"), under Creative Commons License, and arranged by myself.

Thanks alemale94 for the story trailer music ("Never ending winter"), under Creative Commons License.